Finally finished this latest british regiment from the American War of Independence the 33rd. They seemed an appropriate choice after painting the 23rd since they spent a lot of time brigaded together.

I tried a new flesh look this time using a base of flat earth followed by a coat of GW Bronzed Flesh. I did the eyes next then applied a GW Flesh Wash. The final stage was a drybrush of GW Elf Flesh then a light drybrush of GW Skull White to the nose and cheek bones. In the past I still used the flat earth base but with Elf Flesh with a GW Chestnut Ink wash before an Elf Flesh dry brush to finish. The photos may not do it justice but Iprefer the new version.

Next on the list maybe th 17th. Two reasons:-
  1. They lost their Colours at Stony Point and I don't have any standard bearers left in the box
  2. The 17th were brigaded with the 23rd and 33rd

May take a month but ...


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