Paint stripper

After experimenting with Polystrippa I am not sure whether I want to strip bulk amounts of older figures. The figures I had success with were only undercoated or with limited painting. Full
painted figures took a bit more scrubbing which did not remove all the paint.
These are a pair fo before and afters. The infantry officer still has traces of his red coat and flesh, while the other two (not sure what they are, any help appreciated) all paint traces are gone.


Stryker said…
Hi - I use ordinary household bleach (thick bleach here in the UK) to strip paint from old figures. It works on metal and plastic and has the advantage of being cheap and not too deadly on the hands! Leave the figures overnight then scrub gently under warm running water with an old tooth brush. They may need a couple of soaks but it usually does the trick - I find that red and flesh colours are the hardest to shift but I guess that any paint that survives two soakings is never going to come loose anyway. Nice blog by the way,

Frostydog said…
Thanks Ian, I hadn't thought of household bleach will have to give it a try. I found red and flesh the hardest to remove even with the paint stripper.


Bob Blanchett said…
simple green from bunnings.

if you cant get that and you dont want to use acetone.. get some superclean from an autoshop.

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