Multi - Rots

After we played Rots we left the table set up with some minor changes. What followed was a series of games involving Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings and an AWI game using the Australian WRG rules. It was an interesting exercise to take different armies with different weapons and fighting methods over the same terrain.

The first LOTR game was a small affair with 12 figures per side in a “hunt them down” scenario. The Gondorians came out on top knocking over the Orcs with out to much trouble. Things changed when the armies were enlarged. Attacking across the bridges, with the aid of a cave troll, the army of Rohan were hacked to death. The only group to hold out were in the chateau, being surrounded they had little hope of long term survival.

Next we set up for an American War of Independence battle using the Australian WRG rules (see links).


17th Light Dragoons
British Legion

Guards battalion
Grenadier battalion
2 x Light battalions

1/71st Highlanders
2/71st Highlanders

3 x 6pdr guns.


1st Royal Deux Pont
2nd Royal Deux Pont

2 x Militia battalions
1 x Light battalions

Legion de Lausan
4th Light Dragoons

Rifle skirmishers

3 x 12 pdr guns

Having a stack of hedges and stone walls with the odd forest thrown in the Americans felt quite at home. Since Rots is in France, well the French felt quite at home as well. As usual the Americans occupied the walls and hedges and with support of the French heavy guns, were rather difficult to dislodge. The British Legion moved down the road through Rots and were able to turn the militia’s flank. In Le Hamel the converged light infantry were able to push the rifles and light infantry out but……. Yes all holidays come to an end and so the table had to come down which meant the game was never finished. Ah well.

Any way it has prompted another bout of AWI painting. The 23rd foot which were undercoated 3 months ago are now back on the table and nearly finished while the second battalion of Foot Guards as now been sprayed and ready to paint..


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