Update start of July

The table is laid out for a second attempt at playing Mark Pipers Rots scenario. As part of doing that I to make a river, extra roads, find some lost bridges, build a pair of Panthers and make some entrenchments. The Panthers are from Italeri and came 2 in a box. They are not bad except for the tracks which are a bit dodgy. "The Heir to the Throne" thought the same of the Tigers that he bought, but at least they look like Tigers which is more than can be said for the old Airfix kit.

Also added a Skdz 251/7 D to the collection. It started out as a Frontline (resin) 251/1 but with the addition of some bits and pieces including the timbers instead of the assault bridges it came up OK. The cammo net at the back started life as crepe bandage.

While building these I also put together an Airfix Churchill Crocodile. Is the Airfix Chuchill the most frustrating kit ever made? If any one has been successful let me know how yo went with the wheels. The Revell kit is much easier. Will have a Rots report as soon as played.



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