For a while we had been looking at replaying Mark Pipers Rots scenario Last time we played we used the full size 8”x6” table modified for the terrain we didn’t have (a river) and the armour we didn’t have (Panthers). With these issues rectified we had another go. This time we played on a 6”x4” essentially the German deployment zone from Marks scenario. The first time we played there was little advantage to either side the Germans as held fire until the Canadians and Royal Marines got close to the villages also the Canadian artillery was wildly “inaccurate” during the game hardly scoring a hit.

The Germans commanded by the “heir to the throne” marked his deployment on his map. The Canadians advanced on Le Hamel and the Chateau the Royal Marines were tasked to take Rots.

Things did not go well for the Canadians from the start. By turn 3 the Carrier Platoon had been destroyed and ”A” Company ejected from the Chateau which it tried to enter under the illusion that it was not occupied. “B” Company was looking rather nervous as a Panther appeared around the corner of the Chateau and opened fire, and missed. Finally a stroke of luck. As yet the Royal Marines had yet to appear waiting for the Canadians to secure Le Hamel and the Chateau.

The turning point came when the Canadian artillery came in to play turning the Chateau into a ruin and causing casualties to the occupying Germans (HQ, artillery OP and 1st Company). The Sherman’s then caused light damage to the lurking Panther and “B” company successfully occupied the Chateau. This left the Canadians in control of two of their objectives and it was left to the Royal Marines to take Rots.

All troops entered Rots without opposition; the mortar team set up, the accompanying Centaur came on, a little too easy. The hill and woods above Rots were occupied by the German 4th (Heavy) Company supported by a Panther and 16th (Pioneer) Company. The weight of fire bought down on the Marines caused significant casualties while the Centaur was destroyed by the 75mm AT gun, but not before it caused some minor damage to the Panther.

The Germans around Le Hamel and the Chateau retired across the Mue loosing more casualties to artillery fire including the supporting Panther. While this was going on the Royal Marines were also crossing the Mue after their mauling around Rots.

At this stage the German commander decided to call it a day leaving victory to the Canadians. This is an interesting scenario to play and when the Canadian artillery works it gives them a distinct advantage. Actually, I don’t like the indirect fire rules in RF2 and prefer the grid system from RF1. What this game has led to is a spate of other games on this terrain with some slight variations. This includes three Lord of the Rings games followed by an American War of Independence (using AWRG) game and an American Civil War (using FnF) game. The things you can do during school holidays.


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