Last of the mint green

The title refers to the last battle that I intend to play on my old mint green bed sheet. One of my aims for this year is to improve my terrain. So far the green sheet has been replaced and roads have been upgraded but there is still more work to do.

This is a WW2 encounter between a small German force supported by a pair of Tiger 1s and an off table battery of 105mm guns. The Poles advancing from the other side include a full battalion of infantry, Machine Gun Company, a squadron of Sherman’s and a detached Cromwell. Poles advance from the left Germans from the right.

Cromwell (Frontline) in the woods

The rules we use are Rapid Fire 2 and although we had some discussion over the effect of indirect HE fire on open toped AFVs the rules flowed smoothly.

First couple of turns were uneventful; the German OP teams occupied the church tower while the Polish carrier platoon scouted the left flank. It got interesting when one of the Polish Sherman’s tried to take on one of the Tigers. The Sherman was heavily damaged but the Tiger could not finish him off. The second Tiger foolishly turned from the village into an open field and was hit by the Cromwell lurking in the woods. Although the Tiger was lightly damaged it soon took refuge behind a stonewall. It was about this time that the Polish support company dashed toward the wood, and came under fire from the off table 105’s. Luckily they came through without a scratch and took cover in the trees.

Tiger (Fujimi) lurking in the village

The second Tiger also hunting down Sherman’s did not observe the 6pdr at the edge of the trees and was heavily damaged. The result of their morale test was they could take no further offensive action. This left the Cromwell to roam freely destroying a couple ½ tracks and a Kubelwagen. It came to a sticky end at the hands of a PAK 40 hidden behind a hedge. The heavily damaged Tiger was eventually destroyed and its partner forced to retire.

The game sort of petered out with the Germans lacking the armour to push the Poles out while the Polish infantry suffered at the hands of the German 105’s off table and was not strong enough to push the Germans out of the buildings in the town centre.
Next game will probably be based on Mark Pipers Rots scenario.


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