Started work on some terrain pices this week. First the roads that I have used have always looked dodgy and needed replacement. Second needed some more builings.

Roads are bandages covered with brown "No More Gaps". I used a British 9 pdr gun to make some tracks then added some flocking to the edges. The end result is aflexible road that looks good. The Churchill AVRE

gives some idea of the width. I gave them a light dry brush of a beige colour house paint. You need to make sure that you keep them flat as the No More Gaps cures as the edges can curl a little.

The second job started is the building. It was meant to be a country house but I went over board size wise. So it has now become a pair of shops with a house around the corner. The Cromwell gives a sense of scale for this and confirms why I thought it was a bit big for a single house.


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