Targets for May 2008

Well I succeeded in overachieving as far as painting is concerned producing 17th Light Dragoons, a battalion of Foot Guards both Old Glory for American War of Independence and a battalion of World War 2 Germans (Valiants). So I am in advance of my painting schedule by 2 months. For May I will target the completion of a Regiment of British foot may be the 23rd. As usual they will be Old Glory because I bought a stack cheap at Cancon 2009.

Other projects this month will need to do work for school and devote time to the family of course, include upgrading my terrain. At this stage it I play using an old bed sheet as a base cloth and being mint green it is an odd colour. Due to storage restrictions I use the base cloth method with terrain placed on top. But the aim is to produce something similar to what these guys produce.

Oh also got to read Antony Beevor’s book “Crete: The battle and resistance” that I found at the local library. A great read about the fight for Greece and Crete in World War 2 which are often ignored. What I found interesting (as an Ancient History teacher) was the role of archaeologists during this stage of the war.


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