17th Light Dragoons

My latest paint job is the 17th Lt Dragoons from Old Glory. The main issue was getting the riders to match the horses. This generally involves much cursing as you match each rider with each horse until you get to the last pair and neither rider matches the remaining horses. The other issue I had was that neither side the saddle cloths matched, mainly due to poor casting. Also the harness, moulded onto the horse often did not reach the rider, leaving a gap that needed painting.

Positives, you get a variety of arm poses so that each figure looks unique and the faces have character. Also Old Glory have left out the standard bearer and included a trumpeter instead.

Despite the problems they turned out OK. I don’t have a great affinity for Old Glory figures, except that they are cheaper than most others. Anyway here they are in all their glory so judge for your self.


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