Much of my gaming is either solo or against my son, except for our annual trip to Cancon. This is the downside of being in a small town with only 2 known gamers. So we are often on the hunt for pick up and play scenarios.
I bought Charles Grants "Programed Wargames Scenarios" many years ago an it came to our resuce on the weekend. Taking out our ACW armies we attempted the "Weak Flank" with the Confederates defending agaist a strong Union attack. During this game we discovered that dogs and wargames dont mix as my Union cavalry (a bit to close yo the table edge) were attacked from the flank with one element mangled before the commander realised what had happened. It took a while to get over this attack and along this some rather deadly fire from Confederate guns on the ridge, which destroyed a stand of Union guns and savaged a couple of assaulting brigades the Union army stalled.
It was good to dust off these figure again as well as get reaquainted with Fire and Fury rules. Next time we are going to attempt the same scenario but using an ACW version of Warmaster.


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