More AWI stuff

This is some more AWI stuff that I have been painting up. The paints I mainly use are Games Workshop, Tamiya and Humbrol Acrylics all beause they are redily available in my area. The British Legion are Old Glory while the 33rd are Frontrank. The colours for the 33rd are hand painted and come up quite well.

The latest is the British Legion, they were OK to paint but a bit of a pain matching horses and riders. Often needed a bit of sculpting to ensure a descent fit. I don't think there is a need for Old Glory to include a standard bearer with this set as far as my research goes they did not carry one. At least they give you plenty of "arm" options for conversions. On the paint table at the moment are the 17th Light Dragoons.

Hope to use these in a Table Top Teaser will post a report soon.



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