Back again

Move done with no damage. Since then I have built a couple a Fujimi PzIV J and Stug III.These are not bad kits but the Stug is way to wide, wider than the PZ IV and wider than the Fujimi Tiger I.

Pz IV was a nice kit especially if you want to make it as a cutaway the interior detail is quite nice and can be added too. Only downside was the fiddly nature of the Schurzen armour also it appears to be the late war mesh style. This is OK but needed to be moulded better to look like mesh, the BMW sidecar was also a bit too fiddly but was finished after a bit of cursing etc..

Also went back to the past and modelled a pair of Airfix Shermans and their associated LCM landing craft. A quick and easy couple of nights work, but still fun.

The photo is of the Tiger I from a few posts ago. turned out OK, colour scheme looks a little dark.




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